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Sports Implant Management Systems

Mechano-Kinetics, a specialist division of Psycho-Somatic now provides the worlds’ first safe & successful Sports Implant Management Systems.

You can now, for the very first time, elect to have any inhibiting thoughts and negative habits removed from your psyche and in turn experience the advantage of creating or adding “Super-qualities” to further enhance your sports performance.

Mechano-Kinetics has engineered, tested and perfected the world’s very first sports Implant Management system whereby a member can now make a selection from the wide range of Sports Implants on offer, guaranteed to change your being to well-being, and in turn, place you and your entire sports life in the most amazing space, way beyond imagination!

The Implant is non-invasively activated within the psyche and directed toward activating a specific sensation of confidence deep within resulting in an actual metaphysical sensation providing more strength, power, speed, stamina, endurance as required. Manual Sports Implants are mechanically activated and are equipped with a “TAP” or “Trigger Activation Point”, whilst Auto Sports Implants are either activated on a time release mechanism or activated automatically each time the Implant’s capacity is required.

Change your mind..Change your performance.