Meta-Mind Surgery

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Metaphysical mind surgery incorporates the use of hi-tech technology: Photonology (light emmissions), Audio-photonic applications (Soundwave application/ light emmission), Trans-cranial induction (epificial neurological re-stimulation), and is ultimately and appropriately focused on the safe and tranquil exposure of the original feeling, or truth, just before it became synthesized by any number of the five senses and prior to becoming subjectively marred or distressed by the thought process. In other words, the metaphysical surgical procedure is non-invasive and targets each and every sensational or emotional interpretation with which we ourselves have hyperbolised the original event with and “remove” the traumatic energy which has been embedded in the psyche, or sub-conscious.

The successful “removal “of these embedded traumas is imperative because just as the physical body is intent on healing after wound trauma, so are our feelings, our soul body, or “Higher Self” intent on healing from misappropriated feelings and in turn, our spirits are lifted from this transformation or liberation from the bondage of pain and trauma, therefore expressing a deep, holistic and omnipresent sense of well-being.

Consequently, when the feeling mind heals, the healing signal is sent to the brain to process a new pattern of thought resulting in a brand new array of welcomed emotions. This is achieved by re-programming within the patient’s new-found needs or wants. The positive reinforcement thereof succeeds in a fresh and positive signal being repetitively transmitted to the brains neurons thus eventualizing in a completely new perspective, both internally toward self and externally toward the universe.