Metaphysical Therapy

Each and every event in our life is processed as a personal experience and is stored in our memory bank within the unconscious mind. In order to recollect specific events (as it happened) or remember our initial processing of certain experiences (The way we remember it happening) means we need to access the portal of the deep subconscious mind and in turn the shallow unconscious mind in order to further gain access to the memory bank itself where all sum of all the data is stored.

The conscious mind is host to the superego and will therefore make access to deeper regions of the mind very difficult or impossible. This is the reason why it is difficult to access the roots of our problems quickly and effectively.

Sky of Minds’ unique method of Trans-State induction or Super-State suspension creates easy access by sidetracking the superego and thus gaining access to both the deep subconscious mind and the shallow unconscious mind.

Once we revisit our past we can finally compare the actual events as they occured in our lives and in turn how we chose to remember these events as a personalized experience.

The benefits of such an achievement of access means that so many wonderful results are now possible, ranging from memory improvement to significantly improved capacity to recollect the events of our lives in their original form before we became subjectively biased toward them.

We can finally witness every angle surrounding the circumstances which we found ourselves in not just our own. We can therefore forgive others and ourselves and move on, not from a superficial place of trying or hoping to let go but rather from our deepest residence of soul’s desire. Freedom from yesterday and a new dawn of tomorrow.