Sky of Mind

The Sky of Mind system is the most brilliant healing journey that a human being can embark upon.

Sky of Mind works with the concept that within the space of creation, ones being commences life. The life force which makes each and every one of us a unique person comprises three essential elements: – Spirit, body and soul. The spirit is purely air-based and thrives on positive pneumatic response. In other words, ALL elements pertaining to how we respire and breathe, the dynamic of our inhalations and exhalations and the content of our air within us and around us ultimately affects and impacts our spirits. Our bodies provide us with somatic capacity to tolerate our external atmosphere thus making it possible to exist on planet earth. Our soul is the combination of faculties that consists of the mind, intellect, will, and emotions. The soul performs rational and intellectual functions.

From birth, our being is exposed to a multitude of life’s experiences which our rational/irrational mind energetically perceives and processes as positive or negative, good or bad. Each and every one of us becomes the sum of all of our collective ideologies and perceptions of what we have experienced and why we believe we have experienced that which we have, all of which affect and shape our spirits, bodies and minds. No matter how “together” we perceive ourselves to be, we are ALL impacted to some degree by experiences which we have encountered along the way. Perhaps we accept certain things that have happened to us as life’s cruel but necessary lessons and just carry on regardless. Perhaps we really wish that we could just turn back the clock and re-live our lives or parts thereof again and encounter things differently.

“The Sky of Mind system is the most brilliant healing journey that a human being can embark upon.”

The conclusion of our failed attempts to re-design our lives successfully and reconstruct our beings harmoniously results in compulsive negative thoughts and feelings and eventually leads to mental and physical disease. Obsessive-compulsive loop behavioral patterns eventually form as a last resort to attempt to provide our beings with a false sense of security and an on-going failed attempt at regaining power and control over our environment and over ourselves.

Until now, no system has ever succeeded in truly redefining and fixing our beings and in turn, our lives. The Sky of Mind system promises you a safe and successful experience via Super- state suspension after which you will emerge having shed all the negatives which limit and incapacitate you. You will emerge from your Sky of Mind experience powerful, fully capacitated and totally unlimited in every way possible. …Change your mind.