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“Biggest legend. Truly inspired by your work. Mechano Kinetics…focusing on sports performance. Truly insane!!”


Dance Teacher

“Thank you Julian Simon Greenstein for making a difference in my life and helping move forward on my journey. Keep touching lives and doing incredible work, you are extremely gifted”.



“I felt like I saw through grey glasses before I experienced sky of mind and I felt really down and troubled. Sky of Mind made me see the light and that there is hope and nothing wrong with me. It made me feel and experience interesting parts of my life. I felt much stronger to take on life and its obstacles after I experienced Sky of Mind”.


Manager of Frontline Recruitment

“I met Julian about 18 months ago via a friend who recommended him as an excellent metaphysical therapist (she was right). Going to a metaphysical therapist was a first for me (aged 53) and I didn’t quite know what to expect. At the time my husband was very ill and later died and Julian went through a lot of stuff with me. Saying goodbye has always been something I have battled with and Julian suggested I try Sky of Mind. I have never been taken into trance – it was amazing. The sessions were very peaceful, colorful and I genuinely feel more in control of my feelings/thoughts. I feel more confident. When I feel shaky, I focus and can hold it together. Julian is very in touch with people issues and a very good listener – I highly recommend Sky of Mind.”


Radio Good Hope

“Sky of Mind has been revolutionary for me as it has opened my mind up to the possibility of working from a place of power rather than fear. It has enabled me to discover aspects of self that were in my blind spot and thus I am more aware of my way of being. The treatment sessions are surreal because you are aware of the issue you are talking through yet the trance state ensures you remain relaxed.
I think my biggest gain from Sky of Mind has been getting to grips with what I want for myself in life and finally having the courage to take a stand for that! Find your truth and sign up today!!”



“It’s been un unbelievable week for me here – I am forever changed because of the time I spent with you and Sky of Mind last month. Thank you so much; I am a new woman!! Xoxoxox

The most tangible thing I’ve noticed is the disappearance of the constant nervous energy that used to live in the pit of my stomach. It’s remarkable really – I tried to recall the feeling and I actually can’t do it! You’re an amazing healer, Jules, and I’m so thankful Robyn encouraged me to meet with you. Thank you again and again!”


General Manager
New Balance
Southern Africa

“I met Julian in 2008 and he has become part of the New Balance family in this very short period. Not only has he embraced the culture of our company, but he has added immense value to the technical side of our business. On a personal note, his program of Mechano-Kinetics sports implantology has taken my performance in Stand Up Paddling, surfing and kite-boarding to a level that I would only have expected when I was a 20-30 year old. My core strength has improved dramatically as well as my balance, allowing me to maximize the performance in the other parts of my body that are required for these sports. Here’s to continued support from Julian”



“I have been training for 15 years at school, university, national and international events for rowing and have been exposed to many types of training and coaching styles. Mechano Kinetics sport implant management is very specific, intelligent and most importantly shows results in a very short time frame. After 2 months of training, I picked up 6 covers of Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness in a single year.”


Marketing | Advertising

“Three months ago I was a frustrated pack-a-day smoker. I knew I wanted to stop but I just couldn’t let go of my crutch. After conversations with Julian I decided to give Sky of Mind a try. I really didn’t know what to expect but Julian was extremely patient and really made me feel at ease. It’s very difficult to explain what I experienced but what I do know was that all traces of the attachment I had for cigarettes was removed. Julian helped me walk away from them. I no longer feel ruled by them and it is as if my mind had been reset to that of a happy non-smoker. It was truly an invaluable experience that changed my life!”


Professional dancer,
singer and actress

“I am a professional dancer, singer and actress. I have been studying this craft since I was 6 years old. I have always looked after my body but never felt it was getting as toned as I would have liked. I didn’t understand why because I was training and doing everything I thought was ‘right’. After one week with seeing Julian and working with him, my whole being had changed, my mind, my body, my soul. Julian has changed my life, ‘Sky of Mind’ has helped me work through things mentally that I have been struggling with for years! I feel free and I feel I am living again!

Julian Greenstein is such a warm, passionate, talented person and I felt so comfortable working with him and he has inspired me to follow my dreams no matter what life throws at me! I’m as hungry as ever to reach for my goals and live my dreams! I am so grateful and blessed to have met Julian! He has changed my life!”


Home Executive

“I went to see Julian when i was really feeling anxious and totally miserable. At that point i had no hope for feeling better, i dont think i had smiled or laughed for 3 months. I had been planning my emigration for years and suddenly i had no desire or energy for anything, let alone emigrating. I was taking all different types of pills to relieve my anxiety but nothing seemed to help.All I waited for was the night to fall so I could take my sleeping meds to knock myself out for a few hours.

One day, when I walking down the road, all doubled up with pain and fear, i bumped into my friend who very kindly told me the results she had with Sky Of Mind. At this point, I would have tried anything to feel better, so i asked her to make an appointment for me.

After the first session, i felt myself smiling, a very unfamiliar feeling, which felt too wonderful for words. Thereafter I felt like i had renewed hope!!!!! i thought maybe this was hocus pocus and it would wear off in a couple of hours if not seconds, but lo and behold, I had shifted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mind, my body and my soul!!!! I was sooooooooooooooo grateful to feel alive and not like dead man walking!!!!

My next session was on my husbands death day 14 November, he had died 2 years ago and I was still struggling with it. Julian connected me to my husband in a way that i never thought possible and i was able to release so much emotion. It was absolutely incredible!!!!

I have now made aliyah (emigrated) and I am so happy!!! Thank You Julian for being part of my process and helping me through my very dark time..”


Student at UNISA

“Mechano Kinetics implants have changed my life! I use my trigger implants every day, from getting that last bit of stamina out in my training, to the way that I handle difficult situations and people. I can truly feel a difference in all spectrum of my life, and I feel empowered. Julian has also helped me put the past in the past, which made me move forward in so many ways! The Sky of Mind Implants are a must if you want to lead the best life possible.

Thank you for everything Jules!!”


Home Executive

“Seeing such an incredible difference in my daughter after she had been to Julian, I decided to go as well. I was floundering in certain areas of my life and suffered from anxiety and negative thoughts. In my first session I was very tense and I felt nothing afterwards. I was hesitant to continue but I went back for the second session. In that session I went under Trans-suspension very quickly and I experienced the most incredible journey. It was without a doubt one of the most unbelievable experiences I have ever had. I managed to release so much negativity and was brought back to a feeling of normality. I felt as if I had had a rebirth. By the third and last session, I emerged with complete courage, confidence, clarity and capacity, along with a powerful feeling of inner contentment and self satisfaction.

I highly recommend Sky of Mind. It has made the world of difference to me and my entire family!”


Guitar Repair Technician / Musician

“Whilst I was involved in both of the above-mentioned programs, it is impossible to separate the results of one from the other. The Sky of Mind program provided me with the mental preparation and foundation to achieve physical results beyond my expectations, as well as leave behind a lot of the anxieties and hang-ups that I was wasting important energy on.

During my time with Julian I was able to rehabilitate a knee injury which saved me the expense of an unnecessary operation. I achieved all the main goals I aimed for (weight loss,improved cardio stamina,core strength and learning how to prevent future injuries).

I have learnt how to set realistic goals (and how to push beyond them), how to train intelligently at my own pace and how to push myself further. I would highly recommend either (and ideally both) of these programs to improve ones mental,physical and emotional well-being and self-improvement.”



“I first just want to thank you Julian! You’ve Turned my world right side up! Without your help and training I wouldn’t come as far as I have! Thank you for helping me get back on track. You are truly the best, I couldn’t ask for anything better! At first it was me taking a step of blind faith hoping everything you said would become a reality! Well, it did and its all thanks to you! You helped me more than I can say. You don’t have any empty promises. With all your positivity and belief in me I can finally do something and feel good about it. Thanks to you I can face anything in life and do it with a strong mind, a positive attitude and a healthy body. You are just truly the best! Thank you for helping me with everything! You helped me when no one else could, you took a plain girl and your turning her into what she has been waiting to become”


Professional Dancer

“As a professional Dancer and Model , Julian Greenstein has managed to maintain and sculpt my body for both professions perfectly with his Sports Implant Management Systems. He is an extremely passionate , dedicated , loyal and an intelligent Metaphysical Doctor. With your best interests , goals and dreams at heart, he will get you to where you need to be .

He always maintains an excellent work ethic and enforces a positive lifestyle management program for you.

Sky of Mind has completely changed and transformed my life. In a year and a half my career has seen astronomical growth and has been so successful. My emotional and physical growth has also seen complete changes that were greatly needed. I am no longer effected by the damages of my past but I am now able to see them and feel them as lessons & journeys that I have learned from but no longer effect from.

Sky of mind is a revolutionary mind aid that gives you the opportunity to use your mind and self belief and power to grow in any situation you put yourself in or are put in.

Not only are you able to do this in Cape Town , you can now take sessions with Julian Greenstein anywhere in the world with ‘Skype Mind’ (over skype) I have had successful sessions in both his practice in cape town and via Skype whilst I was on Tour from my hotel room in London with unbelievable results. Dr Julian Greenstein is a genius that can be trusted implicitly. Do yourself the favor and experience a life change you will never regret.”


Social Auxillary Worker Therapist

“Julian has worked with me for 5 months now and feel it accurate to say that Mechano-Kinetics and sky of mind are an integral part of my life, as is the wealth of insight, knowledge and humor that Julian himself brings to his therapeutic sky of mind sessions.

Julian has worked with me every step of the way to reach my goals and i am healthier and happier in my new improved body image. Julian designed a specific sports implant for me, working with eliminating blockages in the mind and body and replacing it with a power implant and without a doubt the results have been remarkable. Improving my physical power and stamina, it improved confidence within myself and a general overall improved feeling of having more control over my life.”



“Before I met Julian and was introduced to Sky of Mind i always felt that there was something missing from my life but could not pin point what that was. Julian managed to remove all negativity from my life and replaced it with power and a sense of fulfillment. The power implant has not only provided me with an unlimited sense of power but also with a personal belief in my capabilities. I feel so much happier in my own skin and feel ready to face any challenges that life throws at me. This has given me the confidence to embark on a new journey with my life. None of this would have been possible without sky of mind.”

“Shortly after my sports implant I have already seen a huge improvement. Julian has instilled a new drive and desire to exercises while rapidly improving myself. I now look forward to my workouts and the continuous motivation that Julian provides.”


Designer clothing

“The most powerful gift to have is being able to be in your truth, seeing the truth and being ok with it and turning negative thoughts and betrayal into something so positive. This, my dear friends, is living life in the present. Nothing else matters because we cannot see it. Thank you Julian Simon Greenstein for helping me realize this.”


IT professional

“When you are ready to have someone help pick you up when you are at your worst, but in that quiet way that shows you what you are capable of, then you are ready for Julian and Sky of Mind. For me the experience post treatment has been understated yet powerful.”


School teacher, Dubai

“After my sessions at Sky of Mind I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. My tendency to dwell on past issues and problems disappeared and I can face the future knowing that I will not be affected by these ‘ghosts’ again. Julian was professional and knowledgeable in his field. He talked me through the procedures and by doing so allayed any fears or misgivings I may have had.

I found myself in a state of bliss when I realised, through the therapy, that it was I who allowed the feelings of turmoil to reoccur time and time again. Once this realisation was embedded in me as a fact, my view of what I considered to be the truth was replaced by the soul understanding that I alone held the key to my mental and emotional health. It was a break through !
I felt relief as the burden that my ego had held on to for so long was lifted and a deep feeling of peace and lightness replaced it.
After the sessions my life took a huge leap into new territories starting with my whole identity being replaced by the one that I longed for it to be. It’s been quite a journey so far and I’m curious to see what will happen next.

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation go to Julian and the Sky of Mind project.”



“When I first heard about Sky of Mind and what it entailed, I was more than skeptical, however curious about the procedure because I trust Julian and I knew he had my best interests at heart.

To put it into bluntly, Sky of Mind changed my life! It has provided the perfect direction to finally become the person that I have always wanted to become. I am stronger than ever before and feel empowered. I know I am perfect just the way I am and i finally know my purpose in life. Sky of Mind is life changing!”


Personnel recruitment

“I went to see Jules because I couldn’t seem to let go of things in my past which kept haunting me. Boyfriends I couldn’t let go of or think about without crying or feeling betrayed and heart sore over, issues from school that caused me to have problems with my reading, dyslexia and violence from my teen years.

I had 6 sessions of Sky of mind and it was like the darkness had lifted and I could see again!!

The weight of the world was gone from my shoulders. For the first time in my life I could think about my past and it didn’t hurt. It didn’t affect me emotionally anymore. It was like, “OK so that happened.. Cool” and I could move on. Learn from the lesson and do better next time! I could read aloud without stuttering and losing my way. I could remember the violence and not have it affect my life and I could move forward happily and finally as a non-dyslexic.

Without Jules, I wouldn’t be feeling positive about my future. I would still be hanging onto the baggage of the past and having it weigh me down.

The best move I ever made was Sky of mind!!

This is seriously the best thing I have ever done!! Haven’t felt this good in years. Thinking clearly and sleeping soundly for the first time in a very long time!! No more dark clouds lingering in the back on my mind!!
Thanks Jules. You rock!! Xxx”


Professional dancer

“I Nurit Michele Graff was a client of Sky of Mind with trans-therapist Julian G.

My experience was both intriguing and fulfilling. I was needing help mentally and through Sky of mind I have found a comfort and peace within myself.

In the beginning I was very unsure what to feel or understand and I did question my being there as I didnt know what to expect. the trans-state that Julian put me under , helped me understand certain issues that I ignored for many many years. Sky of mind, is a programme designed to mentally heal you by challenging your thoughts. I cannot fully explain what I felt, but I can say after my sessions with Julian, I walked away with fixed emotions, and everything he said I would feel, I have. My behaviour and response to handling situations are better and I feel alot more in control.

I am grateful for this experience and I would recommend Sky of Mind , Julian, to anyone who is needing support and help.”


Clinical Psychologist

“I want to thank you for the work we did together in my Sky of Mind sessions with you.

I felt safe in our time together, not only because I could trust your confidentiality, but also because you were not afraid to go wherever I needed to with me and my unconscious.

I also felt understood and held by you, especially as you listened when I asked you to go at a slower pace. This helped me to feel that you had my interests fully at heart.

With your guidance I was able to go to places I had not yet visited, and to make a big breakthrough in my search for internal peace and harmony, and I thank you for this.

I admire you for undertaking studying toward your PHd which will further equip you with for what you do in Sky of Mind and I wish you well in this important work.”


Tour Operator Owner

“I consulted with Julian Greenstein and had several sessions of “Sky of the Mind”.
I found a release of deeply embedded negativity borne out by ‘old’ experiences,
which just kept on repeating themselves no matter what I read or thought.

This release was not only beneficial but has enabled a confidence to go forward
with no looking back. Forgiveness and peace have been replaced by irritation,
uncertainty and fear. The fear was a type of ‘rejection’ felt though not being ‘right with the world’.

I would recommend this procedure to anyone and everyone…..as we all need a
constructive base on which to work in this frenetic world. This base lies within us
and Sky of The Mind finds it quickly and easily, releasing much needed positivity.

Thank you Julian….. ”


Radio Presenter

“Its been a radical experience getting to know you and not only train with you but explore my mind with Sky. Thank you for your patience with me, your wit, your advice and for imbuing in me a sense of confidence that I never had before.”



“When trying to sum up just how powerful Skype of Mind is, it is almost impossible. One of the main “powers” it has given me is the freedom to be able to get through life despite the personal tragedy’s and losses I have been through. Before Skype of Mind, I was always doubting my decisions or that strong “gut feeling” that we all tend to ignore because logically it isn’t right! I had almost given up trying to find a solution, motivational book, positive thought or theory to go by. Now, I can confidently go out into the world and believe in myself and my own decisions. I am so grateful to have met Julian. He is such an intelligent, yet such a caring individual who is full of love and light where he just shines through all the “bad stuff” and helps you get rid of the unnecessary baggage we don’t realise we are carrying around with us on a day to day basis! I cannot thank Julian enough for his support, not only during my course, but the continued love and support he has shown me since we “met” on Skype! Skype of Mind has helped me believe all over again! ”


Professional dancer/performer

“I have been with Julian for a few years, but have only recently experienced the amazing “Skype-Mind” sessions with him. This was honestly the most unbelievable experience and I cannot thank Julian enough! As a performer I travel around the world often and I am currently performing in the international touring company of “CATS” in South Korea. I am playing one of the lead roles, “Victoria”, the white cat, which of course is so thrilling and exciting but can also be stressful at times. Because of this it is extremely comforting having Julian just a Skype call away. Even from far, Julian is able to help ease out the stress factors and guide me back to my bliss both in my professional and personal life. The sessions I have had with him were life changing and I am so grateful! He has reminded me that we all have choices in our lives and he has opened up the space for me to live my life to the fullest. He has given me tools for life including how to not allow the hurt from the past rule our current behaviors. Julian has helped me choose to grow and I am now constantly making sure I am living ‘this’ life to the fullest. Julian has been an angel to me and I have never felt so free and alive like I do now. He has changed my life and I cannot thank him enough!”



“I have to say Julian my shows have been full of joy since my Skype-Mind sessions. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful for my time with Julian and Skype-Mind. With only 3 sessions he changed my life for the better and forever. His ability to help me open up and remind myself of my inner truth is amazing. All my ability and gifts now shine in their fullest state. He is Brilliant. Thank you!”



“I met Julian at an rough point in my life where I felt down more than up! Sky of Mind helped me take charge and change my attitude! I have since left my “secure” job and have the courage to follow my passion. I have started a great company that I am sure will grow from strength to strength! They say I went thought a “transformation” and I tend to agree. As a matter of fact I felt lighter and in charge of what I wanted to do and could not wait to get going. Just wanted to say thanks for the help Jules keep up the good work.”



“When I started with Julian and Sky of Mind I was half the person I am today. I was being held back by my past and to a great extent myself. Sky of Mind helped me move past my fear of success and helped me recognise what I am capable of and clarify what I’m not meant to peruse. I went from pleasing everyone and anyone to being able to stand my own ground, do whatever I wanted to do with confidence and the belief that I deserved to achieve things for myself. I have never grown so much so fast as I did with sky of mind. “ Sky of Mind really really works!”



” I really feel it necessary to write to you and thank you for being part of my life and all the help and energy you have given me. You are just so special and you hide it so well .You have twice now in ten years dragged me out of a physical and even mental slump and with great skill and generosity . People should know that when they work with you they are not working with a life coach that is a dime a dozen but are embarking on a journey with a friend who has your well being foremost in his mind and a very insightful life trainer and stress facilitator.
Julian it is remarkable how skillful you are and I am waiting for you to graduate with a much deserved doctorate so we can go out and celebrate together”



“My name is Michael and I was referred to Julian from a very good source, and visited him over a period of a few months. Julian is a fascinating character that will challenge your mind and conventional opinions on psycho-therapy. His unorthodox approach and dedicated attention is a breath of fresh air as you sit with him and navigate life and your purpose for seeing him.

Personally it is difficult for me to put into words how Julian helped me, but through our conversations and brief tests (coupled with the time in my life at which I chose to see him) I felt a distinct sense of understanding for what was happening in my life, as supported by his teachings. Much like a slow-release medicine I began to feel justified on a fundamental level.

Expect the unexpected and take the time to unwrap your hidden truths with a doctor that has the time for you.”


Graphic Artist

“I was feeling very lost when I realised that I might be on anti depressants for a few more years.They were making me feel numb but without it I was not coping. My friend told me about Julian and his approach to combat anxiety and depression. We met and I felt like for the first time someone truly understood what I was going through.. After the first session I could already see a change in myself. I was more focussed at work and over all I was in control of my emotions. My relationship with my boyfriend and family changed for the better because I was taking care of my own mental health problems. I was in control of my own life. I finally felt that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Julian, you have truly changed my life and opened a door to something new and very special.”


Soloist and Choreographer with Cape Town City Ballet

“When I first Met Dr Jules , I was at a loss as to how to escape the thoughts and feelings I was experiencing. parts of my life were unraveling before me, leaving me traumatized , depressed and anxious. I have been in a therapeutic process before but Julian’s unorthodox approach and dark sense of humor appealed to me. Once we got started, I couldn’t believe how easy and transformative the process was. The work I’ve done with Julian is unlike anything else out there. His incredible knowledge, vision and academic achievements combined with his very tangible gift of intuition are a combination that have created very real , tangible change in my state of being. Because I am different, the people places, things around me and coming into my life are different too. There is a sense of anticipation with each new day now and I am enjoying my work more than ever. I will possibly never find the words to accurately convey what the generosity and skills of this man have opened up for me. Thank you Julian.”



“Dr.Jules is a wizard
An alchemist
The soul revealer
The courage creator
He is a facilitator extraordinaire and my journey with his brilliance marked the beginning of absolute transformation
Quite simply he is a miracle worker
And an effortless pleasure to spend invaluable & precious time with
he works gently & infinitely patiently with you to forever expose your you-ness, your true-ness

This is one trip you don’t want to miss
It will not only be priceless
It will be the most important journey of your life”



“I just wanted to thank you. The fruit of our sessions is growing. I thought when i left your place the last time that now all is going to be good forever. So naive haha. It has been a year almost to the day that my mom heard she had cancer. She is free of cancer. My relationship is growing. I started my freelancing and quit my job. Had a few tought run ins with life but i am able to cope with it all. Btw my ticket is booked to go to South America in feb. Thanks for helping me deal with all the obsticles of life with insight and a calmness that I did not I had.”


Civil Engineer

“I came to Sky of Mind with a broken heart to try and find why my relationship kept moving in destructive circles. I knew something was not right with myself and I wanted to discover what was driving my behaviour. I imagined months and months of therapy. What I discovered about myself and who I thought I was, was truly amazing. A painful journey turned to one of discovery and liberation. I have been to psychologists before and they all seemed to be places where I was the only one talking, there was no feedback in terms of relating both of our personal experiences, however this was not the case with Dr.Jules and this helped tremendously. My process with Sky of Mind has turned out to be one the most enlightening and valuable experiences of my life. I have reached a point in my journey of self-discovery and emancipation from my past in only a month and a half. Thank you Dr.Jules”


Insect Control

“Just to let you know and also to thank you – I feel great and I am breathing from the bottom of my abdomen….. Thank you kind Sir.”



“Thanks Julian, you’ve enabled me to feel such clarity and calmness, I haven’t experienced it for a very long time, since I was in my teens, it’s so empowering. Thank you.”


Stock Broker

“Dr Jules: Thank you again for such an awakening these last few months. I am truly grateful. How would I have wasted away my life otherwise?! That is a terrible thought and thank God it’s no longer my path. I truly wish you the best of success in you’re practice going forward and if there’s anyone I can recommend to work with you I certainly will. And please let me know if I can help you otherwise. ”



“After a few sessions with Julian I moved on to a much better level emotionally and psychologically, and it cannot help but gradually affect my physical reality day by day.
Not only Julian has deep knowledge of human psyche, (I’m not a big talker myself, I think I gave him very little, and he just seemed to get me every time, even the unspoken), but he also has something else I cannot quite put my finger on, a gift perhaps?, something very special I cannot quite explain, plus he has the experience to handle a given case of any complexity in an easy going and caring-like manner.”



“My treatment with Dr Julian Greenstein was nothing short of outstanding. He aided me in the facilitation, detection and resolution of matters of deep unrest, with cutting edge technique that ensured a more liberated and empowered sense of mind.
With his treatment I was able to take hold of my life again with a better understanding, more confidence and a greater deep down sense of peace.”



“Thank you Dr.Julian Simon Greenstein for helping me reach a new point in my life, where I am happy again and am able to cope with everything in my life in a positive and happy way. Being a part of what you do at Sky of Mind, led me down a path I was dying to get to but seemed just out of reach until I met you. I am so grateful to be able to look at my life and be excited for what the future brings me.

Going through Sky of Mind, opened me up to possibilities I was unaware of, ideas that I had never fathomed. I went from a place of darkness to a place gleaming with light, it is a truly grate feeling to be able to look at someone and say to them; “Thank you for everything you have done for me. It has meant the world and has helped me become the person I want to be.”

You are awesome and I thank Andy so much for introducing us. ”



“After many years of psychotherapy and depression I heard about Sky of Mind. Within three sessions Dr Jules had brought a smile to my face and a feeling of positive energy. I cannot find words to express my thanks”



“No amount of words can fully describe how Dr Julian Greenstein has significantly changed my life.

I felt anxious, depressed, teary and had zero self belief or confidence.

Using his unique, subtle techniques of accessing the subconscious mind, Dr Jules was quickly able to release me from my inner “prison”. I now find that I am totally at peace within and my confidence and belief in my own self worth is at an all time high.

I cannot thank Dr Jules enough for his patience and honesty and making my life a pleasure. Dr Jules is direct and professional which greatly assisted me in circumstances where my life seemed so complicated and blurred. He is exceptional at giving the necessary “reality check”, whilst explaining the science behind how the mind operates and processes negative thoughts. This approach provides a logical rationale to our reactions making it very easy to understand and apply in everyday life.

When in self doubt situations, I reflect on my sessions with Dr Jules and am now able to get control over my conscious mind and extinguish the negative thoughts.

Dr Jules is an incredibly intelligent human and without him and his mind surgery, I don’t believe I would’ve been able to achieve what I have in my personal and professional life.

I am eternally grateful for having been referred to Dr Jules and am thankful everyday for having had the privilege of being treated by him. ”



“I went to see Dr Jules with some issues that I had been trying to work through for some time with out much success. What Dr Jules does is hard to explain in “conventional psychology “terms . What he is doing is ground breaking and new , and a new language & framework needs to be established to be able to explain exactly what he does succinctly and how it works. It is truly next level ! However , all that been said , Dr Jules helped me resolve what I came to seek help for . It absolutely works and is incredibly effective.

Dr Jules commitment to, and genuine care towards you as a patient is also absolutely extra ordinary ! Thank you Dr Jules ! Please just continue what you do and may it stretch far and wide !”



“Hi Julian, I wanted to let you know that I was selected to represent South Africa in the African nations eventing shield team for the Zimbabwe leg 2017. I’m soooo excited!! I will be riding a horse from Zimbabwe.You have helped me so much, especially that I remain calm no matter what which definitely showed itself last weekend where I did my first two elementary dressage test, scoring incredibly high scores and winning both of my classes .I also have Elli my horse under control now, remaining calm when she tries to nap and now I’m managing to stop her before hand when I notice that she wants to nap. Thank you so much for all your work with me and for bringing me so much further in my riding as well as my school work grades.”



“I was introduced to Sky of Mind by my coach’s coach as had been battling with horse riding, a critical element of my life – I’d lost my confidence and trust and belief in myself as a rider and this was impacting negatively on my horse’s performance. My sessions with Dr. Jules were fantastic with strong positive energy and despite not truly understanding what was taking place, there’s no doubt that the impact of the work was extremely beneficial. The improvement in my riding is clear to see, I’m far more mentally balanced and able to stay present with the flow versus having the doubt and fear paralyse me as was previously happening when jumping. It’s not necessary to understand what is taking place, all that is necessary is to feel the impact and know how beneficial the work has been. Thanks Dr.Jules for a fascinating and wonderful process.”


Equestrian Professional

“I haven’t been this relaxed nor stress- free in a VERY long time!!!! I feel like I used to over analyze everything and want to please everyone, But suddenly I’m not afraid of speaking up and saying NO without being so stressed about it.”



“Julz,the noises in my head stopped, Albeit only for the big day but they stopped ! The only time they stop is if I take Ritalin. It was amazing. The makeup artist asked me if I was on something for being so calm and I wasn’t.”



“Thank you! Never experienced such powerful emotion that felt so unbearably negative and has brought me so much positivity! I don’t know what you do but i believe the light is slowly shining a little bit more everyday…”


English Teacher

“Dr Jules is the best psychologist Ive worked with, and learnt from. He actually really does take the word “psychologist” to another level. The impressions I received , resonated deeply, and remain.
His suggestions have been real pearls. His insight is uncanny. Strength really does start from the roots, and Dr Jules is a navigator of note in this realm.”


Massage Therapist

“After receiving just the 1st treatment I was able to smile again from the inside out. After completion of the series of treatments I was capable of weathering the multiple storms, that life threw at me in very quick succession, with style and grace. I came away calm and trully happy within myself , and a powerful being ready to unleash her magic onto the world with humility, strength and self worthiness.”


Equestrian Professional

“Thank you for changing my life! You are the most special Man!! Thank you from my heart for you and your genius!!!”



“I would just like to say a very big Thank You! After taking your program, I feel far more free and confident to take on life and for the first time in a long time be able to live in the moment and enjoy. I used to hold on to a lot of old memories that were doing nothing else but holding me back and creating reasons why there were things that I was unable to do and why I would look at myself in a negative light but after completing your program all of that has gone. I feel I can now live how I want to live. So once again thank you!!!”


Massage Therapist

“You’ve been in my thoughts a lot this week! I just wanted to thank you for helping me turn my life around! You are a genius and incredible soul! I wouldn’t have been able to cope with everything that was thrown at me this year if I hadn’t seen you! Thank you from the bottom of my soul!”


Domestic Professional

“Thank you for all your help this year. I feel like a new person. I am so happy that I do not have to live another moment of my life with a constant burden on my shoulders. Wishing you the best for 2018.”


Dog Behaviourist

“Hi Dr Jules. More than happy for personal details to be listed. Proud to be associated with you .
An extraordinary experience. Left me wanting more. If I could turn back time I would repeat the sessions again and again and again.”



“Another very good day ! 1 pole down but was soo happy with my focus and not being so nervous anymore and I jumped my first 120/130 competition in afternoon again with such focus and not a bit nervous ! 1 pole but so very happy with these results . Upwards and onwards 😊thanks for your help.”



“No trophy….but 2nd!!! Lost with under a second. I was a bit sloppy, but got the job done!!! You are a genius. You have completely changed my life! You may never understand the depths of my gratitude!! I just wish I could give you a hug!”


Equestrian Professional

“Thank you very much for all your help. It is such a good feeling to go into the arena without heart pumping like crazy!”


Equestrian Professional

“Thank you for making my life so much easier – not stressing so much over things I cannot change or that already happened and making it so much more easy to go into an arena and jump – the focus is so much better and the doubts are gone ! Just an amazing feeling . Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”


“I just want to say that I’m shook! I’ve never in my life been so relaxed going into the ring. It was the most amazing feeling walking out! I was so happy and proud even though it wasn’t clear rounds, I was just so proud of myself :)”


“Just to let u know – I had the most awesome rides this morning on 3 very fresh horses and am like a different rider!”


Movie Actor
“Hey hey!
Thanks Julian. Things are good. Always some new challenge to surpass but in a better place for sure. Life is a game and I’m getting better at playing it💪”


“Thank you for everything you have done for my family this year, our gratitude is endless 💜”


“Jules, I cannot thank you enough. Our entire family’s outlook for this year is significantly different to what it would have been had we not met you.”


“Hi Doc. So recovered from back problems etc and my horses and I are coming back to full fitness. Just finished a course with Chad and went so well. Chad said I was ‘in the zone’ and comments from other observers/riders were ‘you look as cool as ice’ and ‘you are head and shoulders above the rest’ so absolutely thrilled!”


“I started working with Dr. Julian in 2018. I am a show jumper and at fifteen years of age, I had quite a lot of doubt in myself. I was on the brink of a fantastic opportunity in my riding career, but there were a few things in my riding style that I was struggling so much to correct and let’s not even get started on the show nerves! I used to get so emotional during shows. My mom was told about Dr. Julian and one day she contacted him. That was the day my game changed. After working with Dr. Julian, and completing SKY OF MIND, I now believe in myself and my capabilities, through all ups and downs. My riding style started improving and because I was mentally stronger, my riding overall improved a lot. I also don’t get the really bad show nerves and anxiety anymore. I am now able to take the show nerves and turn it into positive riding energy. Shortly after doing SKY OF MIND, I left for Algeria to participate in the 2018 African Youth Games as part of a team of four riders. We were the first Namibian team ever to participate at this event. I am proud to say that I placed 6th overall. By the end of 2018 I was ready for the Namibian Championships and I placed 2nd overall on my grey gelding, Seeis Mercury.”